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5 Tips for Filing a Successful Personal Injury Claim

Auto accidents, workplace injuries, or serious accidents can occur at any time. Handling and understanding Ohio law on top of recovering from an injury can be daunting. 

The experts at Kurgis & Associates share their tips on how to file your claim and get the settlement you deserve. Whether you’re in need of a wrongful death lawyer to help with your claim or need tips for your own serious accident claim, this is the place to start. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately and File Your Claim

Whether it’s workplace injuries, car accidents, or animal attacks; you will have the strongest case for your personal injury claim if you start seeking treatment right away. The later you wait to document your injuries by a medical professional, the less of a chance you have at a good settlement. 

In Ohio, you have a limited amount of time to file your claim in order to have the best outcome in your settlement. A personal injury attorney in Columbus or anywhere else in Ohio can help you to understand the statute of limitations in your state. Contact your insurance company immediately to get started. 

It is important to note that while filing a police report and insurance report are vital, that you should always exercise discretion and know you are under no duty to state whose fault it is during an accident. Contact your personal injury or car accident lawyer first before speaking with the other party’s insurance or police. 

Gather Evidence to Support your Injury Claim

Insurance companies want to see a paper trail in order to justify a payout. A personal injury attorney can help keep all important documents, medical records, and bills in a safe place to show them proof of damages. 

Keeping up-to-date and accurate documents are important to give you the best chance at filing a successful claim. Insurance adjusters will always look for reasons to pay you the least amount possible. 

In addition to your medical records, keep detailed records of all property damage that occurred as a result of the accident. If you are unsure of what to do after an auto accident, lawyer Kevin Kurgis suggests getting at least 2 estimates of damage to the vehicle. 

Understand Your Rights with a Reputable Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney in Columbus, Cincinnati, or anywhere else in Ohio can help you to better understand the law in your state. However, a seasoned attorney like Kevin Kurgis at Kurgis & Associates can get you the money you deserve. 

Filing a lawsuit outside of the proper timeline can be refused trial by the court. Personal Injury lawyers have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process of your claim. 

When you are their client, the attorney will also be able to study all the facts of your case and make sure you understand your rights and what you are entitled to. If you or a loved one were injured or killed in serious accidents, motorcycle accidents, or workplace accidents; an experienced personal injury attorney can be your guide through this difficult time. 

Be Prepared To Negotiate with the Insurance Company

The job of an insurance company is to ensure that their client pays the lowest possible amount on your serious accident claim. Your interests and those of the other party’s insurance company will conflict. 

Hiring the right personal injury lawyer can help you to protect your best interests for your claim. For example, before you say anything to an insurance adjuster, contact your attorney to help ensure you do not say anything that can be used against you. 

During negotiations for your serious accident, a lawyer will help you to draft a demand letter and argue on your behalf. Expect the insurance adjuster to make a low counter offer and dispute liability. 

Experienced personal injury attorneys like at Kurgis & Associates know how to work with insurance companies to get them to raise their initial offer and accept. The attorneys at Kurgis & Associates know never to jump at the first offer and will fight for a better deal for you. 

Know What To Expect in Your Settlement

You and your car accident lawyer or serious accident lawyer have put together your demand package stating what your claim is worth. You have emphasized the emotional points of your serious accident or workplace accident claim and are now in the settlement phase. 

Your personal injury attorney will review the settlement amount with you and whether they think they can get more or if you have been offered a fair amount for your claim. Different claims will have different processes such as a workplace injury claim or semi truck accident claim. 

Settlement amounts can also vary depending on accident liability and property damage liability. Working with a seasoned attorney is crucial for understanding your claims worth and how much you will get from your settlement. 

At Kurgis & Associates, our sole focus is to help you get the money and justice you deserve. With more than 20 years in service we have represented thousands suffering from injuries of all kinds. 

Contact us today for your free consultation regarding your personal injury claim. Let us help you get what you deserve.