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Getting into an accident with another vehicle can have devastating consequences. While a minor fender bender may not seem to be anything significant, these types of accidents can result in situations that require medical attention.

Major accidents can have life-long consequences that never entirely go away.


Columbus Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

2017 Fatal Stats

● 34,133 deaths from 34,247 fatal accidents

● 3,166 deaths due to distracted driving

● 54% of fatalities occurred in single-vehicle accidents

● 70% of alcohol-related fatalities involved a BAC of .08 or higher

● 54% of fatal accidents occurred in urban areas


Distraction Information

● At least 1,000 people are injured daily due to distracted driving

● There is a two to six times greater risk of accidents with cell phone use

● 42% of high school students report sending emails or texts while driving

● Increased accident risk for vehicle operators under the age of 30

● Cell phone use significantly decreases reaction time

● Distracted driving is linked to other risky driving behavior

Expenses Involved with Motor Vehicle Accidents

A prominent and common expense that is seen in auto accident claims are those for property damage. Even small collisions often require some repair.

Medical expenses are another common charge, but not everyone understands what may be covered. While many know that the at-fault party is responsible for ambulance and emergency visit fees, there are many other costs they may be required to pay. These include:

● All diagnostic tests

● Medication

● Physical therapy or chiropractic visits until the patient reaches maximum medical improvement

● Accessories such as ice packs, heating pads, or crutches

● Cognitive therapy for brain injuries

● In-home services

● Transportation to and from doctor appointments

Sometimes medical therapies or treatments need to continue even after the settlement of a claim. When this is the case, an attorney will look at expected expenses and add those charges.

The spouse of an accident victim may also be rewarded with damages. If injuries prevent the victim from showing affection or engaging in sexual activity, there may be some money awarded to the spouse.

In accidents where the crash victim sustains an injury, they may be compensated for their lost wages. More substantial sums of money may be awarded if someone is unable to work for an extended amount of time due to a permanent disability.

In the unfortunate cases of fatal crashes, the at-fault party may be asked to pay certain expenses to the surviving spouse or family members. These may include a wrongful death settlement, funeral expenses, and general loss of companionship damages.


Long-Term Consequences of an Accident

For many victims of motor vehicle accidents, there may be long-term consequences that reach far beyond lost wages or ongoing medical care. Psychological complications are quite common and can have a severe impact on day-to-day living.

For some, just operating or riding in a vehicle can be fearful and produce symptoms of anxiety.

Research has found that even up to one year after an accident, around 33% of victims involved in nonfatal crashes experience

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneysemotional or psychological stress and symptoms such as:

● Depression

● Phobias

● Posttraumatic stress disorder

● Persistent anxiety

● Lethargy

● Trouble concentrating

● Difficulty sleeping

If not treated properly, these emotional consequences can start to affect all areas of life. It may be challenging to be productive at work, or one may withdraw from loved ones and become antisocial. If it can be proven that long-term mental damage stems from the accident, some courts may award damages for emotional suffering.


Issues with Expense Reimbursement

Victims of motor vehicle accidents may think the at-fault party’s insurance company will pay for all damages without an issue. However, it is essential to remember that insurance companies want and need to make a profit, and they take steps to pay out as little as possible. They may deny a claim or offer a settlement that is much less than total expenses.

During the claims process, an adjuster may also use tactics that can be held against the victim at a later time. For example, they may ask about injuries or symptoms initially after the accident and then refuse to pay the medical expenses because of the answer. An adjuster may also say that someone is not entitled to a claim or that the crash was too minor to result in any harm.

These are only some of the reasons why hiring a personal injury attorney is imperative. An insurance company does not want you to use an attorney because they know it will more than likely cost them a lot more money.

The experienced attorneys at The Law Offices of Kevin Kurgis understand how the insurance business works, and they know your legal rights. Using our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys not only improves the chances that your expenses will be covered, but you will avoid having to deal directly with an insurance company.

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