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With built-in safety features, shatter-resistant glass, and steel or aluminum body panels, sometimes it may seem like your vehicle is built like a tank. However, thousands of auto accident injuries occur every day that involve drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. If you or a loved one were hurt in a wreck, no matter how large or small, call The Law Offices of Kevin Kurgis.

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Most Common Auto Accidents

Despite precautions and preventive measures, there were more than 200,000 crashes on Ohio roads in 2019. There are many types of car accidents, ranging in severity from minor fender benders to those involving fatalities. These collisions result in hundreds of millions of dollars in medical bills, lost financial opportunities and property damage. Although crashes can happen anywhere, most auto accidents happen within 25 miles of home. Here are the most common types of car accidents on the roads today.


Crashes at Intersections

Many factors can contribute to an intersection collision. A driver may fail to yield the right of way, run a red light or drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol. These accidents can be severe for several reasons:

  • The force of one vehicle colliding with another can send it crashing into other cars near or also in the intersection. This chain reaction can put passengers and drivers of many automobiles at risk.
  • T-bone collisions occur when one car or truck hits another automobile on the side rather than the front or rear. This impact can cause death and severe trauma to the occupants of the vehicle that was hit.
  • Many drivers speed when the traffic light turns yellow. As a result, intersection collisions often involve high speed, causing serious injury.


Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle hits the car or truck in front of it. Although most of these fender benders occur in heavy stop and go traffic, other events that can lead to this type of accident. If one car is tailgating and the lead vehicle unexpectedly brakes, the two autos often collide.

These accidents also occur when inclement weather causes poor road conditions, making it difficult to stop.
The force of impact in this type of collision can cause a sudden jolt to the body, jerking it forward then backward violently. Common injuries that result from include:

  • Whiplash – The common name for injuries that affect ligaments, muscles and tendons in the neck.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – Damage of this kind often has no outwardly physical symptoms. Memory loss, migraines, inability to concentrate, loss of motor function in the arms, blackouts, and sudden dizziness can occur as a result of the injury. TBIs can be painful and may become debilitating, impacting victims for the rest of their lives.
  • Herniated Discs – Bones in the spine are separated and cushioned by discs. They act as shock absorbers for the vertebrae. When one or more shift out of place or ruptured, it can cause pain and complications that require surgery.


Commercial Vehicle Accidents

From delivery trucks and charter buses to tractor-trailers, collisions between these heavy automobiles can have devastating results. If the driver violates traffic laws and contributes to an accident, he or she can be held liable. Truck and bus companies that do not adequately maintain the vehicles in their fleet might share responsibility for the crash if it resulted due to mechanical failure. The manufacturer may be found negligent if equipment failure or defects cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.


Single Vehicle Crashes

Car accidents may involve only one vehicle and driver. However, they frequently affect several passengers. Drivers may lose control due to road conditions or as a result of swerving to avoid another vehicle, pet, pedestrian, or other obstacles in the road. Passengers injured in a single-car accident may hold the driver accountable for any injuries they suffer. If the driver collided with a building, parked vehicle or other property, the owners might seek compensation for their losses.


Sideswipe Collisions

A sideswipe may occur when drivers change lanes or merge into traffic without checking blind spots. They often occur when entering or traveling on the highway. Damage varies, based on the angle of impact and speed. Multiple cars can be involved if one car pushes another into other vehicles.


Why Choose The Law Offices of Kevin Kurgis

Injuries sustained in a car crash can impact you for weeks and years to come. We can help you determine the type of collision you’ve been involved in and ensure your injuries are documented thoroughly. Our attorneys can evaluate your options, and ensure you receive the medical treatment you need, deal with the insurance company and keep you informed. Contact us today for legal representation you can trust.

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Our lawyers have specific experience with:

  • Rollover, rear-end, and intersection collisions, crashes, and accidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Uninsured and underinsured drivers
  • Wrongful death suits
  • Alcohol and drug-related accidents
  • And more

We can help you document your injuries and get the medical attention you deserve.

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