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Trucking Accidents

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During 2007, 1,749 large trucks were involved in fatal accidents in Ohio–the eighth highest in the nation. Nationwide, 24% of all large truck drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2007 had at least one prior speeding conviction according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Don’t let a sudden trucking accident derail your business and leave you without financial compensation. If you’ve been affected by a trucking accident, our dedicated Columbus truck accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal complexities and secure your financial compensation.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents involving 18-wheelers and other large vehicles are unfortunately common and dangerous in Columbus, Ohio, and across the United States. Truck crashes can lead to severe injuries, including loss of consortium and pain and suffering, and navigating the legal process can be challenging, given the complexities involved in establishing fault and dealing with insurance companies.

Some common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Long stopping distance
  • Truck weight up to 80,000 pounds
  • Narrow field of vision
  • Job pressure to travel quickly
  • Overly fatigued driver
  • Aggressive or impatient driving habits

The stress of the job, natural features of large vehicles, and the driving habits of professional drivers can all increase the chance and severity of an accident. Truck drivers are typically compensated per mile, so they have a financial incentive to drive as fast as possible or, in some cases, faster than the speed limit. Some truck drivers struggle with fatigue as long-haul trips stretch into the night.

Night-time driving while fatigued puts the driver and other drivers on the road at a higher risk of unintentional collisions. When an accident involves multiple vehicles and professional truck drivers, it can make filing a claim very difficult. Establishing fault, filing for compensation, and avoiding liability can all be navigated far more efficiently with a dedicated legal team.

Trucking Accident Statistics

In cases of trucking accidents, the role of trucking companies and insurance companies becomes crucial in determining liability and compensation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that in 2016, 4,440 large commercial vehicles were involved in fatal accidents. Notably, in these tragic incidents, trucking companies often face scrutiny for their safety protocols, while insurance companies are key in the resolution of claims. A significant 62% of these fatal truck crashes involved multiple vehicles, adding complexity to legal claims as multiple insurance providers and trucking firms may be involved.

A common cause of trucking incidents is backing up. Up to 24% of accidents involving backing up also involved a tractor-trailer. A backing-up truck creates a dangerous situation with multiple blind points. Because of the complicated nature of backing up and navigating a truck in reverse, nearby drivers may be unsure how to proceed and act erratically. Whether or not the truck driver was at fault, these accidents can still be fatal and cause extensive financial and emotional damage.

Legal Consequences of Being Involved in a Trucking Accident

Many trucking accidents quickly become major traffic incidents that involve multiple vehicles and a complex web of liability and fault. Whether you or a family member has been involved in a trucking accident, you’ll need a skilled trucking accident lawyer to ensure you’re protected and receive the compensation you need.

Without proper legal protection, you may struggle to receive the compensation you need for injuries sustained. Even with an insurance agent, it’s essential to have a qualified legal team who is working hard to protect you and your legal interests. Unlike an insurance agent, a trucking accident legal team is dedicated to protecting you and assisting you in your claim.

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Contact Kurgis & Associates today and let our experienced team discuss your case and help you understand what steps to take. Work with a trucking accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, who understands the FMCSA regulations and can help you file your claim.

The trucking industry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to protect truck drivers and those with whom they share the road. However, time and money concern pressure truck drivers and owners to violate FMCSA regulations. The sad result is more lives lost in tractor-trailer accidents.

If you have been injured in an accident with a tractor-trailer or other large truck, please contact our Columbus truck accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation to discuss your case.* If you have a tractor-trailer accident claim, you will pay no fees unless we win financial compensation.

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